Lawn Mowing / Lawn Fertilization & Treatment

Beginning in 2017, Paul’s Best offers Lawn Mowing ONLY in conjunction with Lawn Fertilization & Treatment. We will not provide one service without the other. We do this to ensure the best results for both services and provides the client with a healthy and aesthetic lawn. An array of problems arise by offering these services separately as other companies do and it prevents the level of quality control that Paul’s Best demands in our service.

Lawn Mowing:

Our typical client is one who wants a beautiful and healthy looking lawn after it’s cut. One can’t expect the look of a clean-cut and well-maintained lawn if the lawn is dominated by weeds and disease. Our mowing practices give us greater control of the growing environment which benefits the turf-grass plant and in turn provides the most curb appeal. Our in-house mechanic adjusts the lawn mower blades to the appropriate height as the ideal height varies throughout the mowing season. Mower blades in our entire fleet are sharpened weekly to ensure a clean and quality cut. Frayed and tattered grass blades not only make for a visually unappealing lawn, but they are prone to disease. The added stress resulting from many companies improper mowing practices reduces the turf's ability to withstand the temperature and drought pressures common in our region. Our mechanic cleans the mower-decks with a bleach solution weekly to prevent the spread of disease and weeds from one lawn to another.

We offer weekly grass cutting throughout the months of April through October. Our grass cutting service includes string trimming and blowing off all hard surfaces (decks, patios, walkways, driveways). Edging of sidewalks and curbs one time per month.

Lawn Fertilization & Treatment:

The Mid-Atlantic is one of the most difficult areas in the country to grow a healthy turf stand. Disease and weed pressures are unrelenting. They need continual attention in order to grow and maintain healthy turf from year to year. We use specific Tall-Fescue turf grass that grows well in our region and purchase our products only from vendors who can guarantee the best products and practices. Ensuring that only PBLS’ lawn mowers cut our turf care clients’ lawns, we vastly reduce the spread of weeds and disease between properties. Paul’s Best stands behind all of the services we provide. It’s impossible to ensure the quality of our Lawn Fertilization & Treatment service when a home-owner or different company stresses the lawn through improper mowing techniques and/or another company brings disease from their other untreated properties into the lawns that PBLS maintains.

In 2012, we shifted our focus to 'sustainability'. With this shift came the adaptation of new programs using 'Carbon Based Fertility' and the 'Soils First' Approach. These new principles utilize carbon-based inputs that provide natural buffers and feed microbes as well as balancing the soil chemistry to tap into the full nutrient potential. Our Program has been reviewed and constructed using industry professionals as well as our on staff agronomist. This equates to expanding our program by adding products to help combat the environmental extremes of the Mid-Atlantic and tightening up our application timing to improve product efficiency.

The Paul's Best Turf Program

Our apex program carries with it the "Best" standard that's in our name. The program is result from years of refinement that allows for the highest level of control and produces a beautiful looking lawn. This package includes 9 applications (rounds), site evaluations to monitor progress, an annual soil test, and soil amendments as recommended by our agronomist upon reviewing the soil analysis. It is important to note that this program uses a split spring application for crabgrass and should be thought of as a control strategy versus suppression strategy. What sets our program apart from the rest is the carbon based approach, along with the comprehensive preventative disease program and the fall pre-emergent for winter annuals.

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Who should consider this program?

The Paul's Best Turf Program caters to the individual that wants their lawn to aesthetically be the envy of the neighborhood. This truly is Paul's "Best" program combining all the agronomic tools at our disposal for the discerning client that will not accept mediocrity. This is the ultimate selection for estates, historic sites, and high-end real estate. Excellent choice for irrigated properties.